Predictive Assays for Drug Discovery

To discover successful drugs, we need to precisely predict the metabolization, efficacy, and safety of candidate drugs before the clinical trials. The technology of FluoSphera integrates these three aspects with a systemic approach to better predict the effects of drugs before they reach the patient, thus reducing drug development failure.

Systemic in vitro Testing

Current in vitro testing uses isolated tissues that do not recapitulate the organization of the human body as a system of organs constantly interacting together. Our multi-organoid systems provide solutions to assess drugs in a systemic environment to boost the relevance of in vitro testing.

Non-Animal Alternative

Animals predict only 10% of the effects of drugs because of inter-species differences. FluoSphera’s technology is a concrete alternative to animal experimentation by being a systemic approach, like animal models, but using only human-derived tissues to be much more predictive.